How Long Is a College Basketball Game (Everything You Need To Know)

How long is a college basketball game last? I have seen many people asking this question in various online forums. However, occasionally sitting down to watch a college basketball game would be very daunting if you don’t understand what time it will finish.

Different basketball levels have different game times. The length of the basketball game depends on the game and the level of the game. College, high school, NBA have different game times. For college basketball, different rules apply during the game. Its decomposition method is also different.

How Long Is a College Basketball Game? (NCAA)

An average college basketball game lasts more than 2 hours, but the total game time may vary wholly based on the game process, timeouts, and fouls. NCAA has two halves, unlike the four quarters in the typical basketball games. 

Each half includes 20 minutes and a half-time break, comprising 15 minutes, so the NCAA basketball game can only last for 55 minutes. Overtime is 5 minutes, but sometimes when there is a tie after 5 minutes, more time will be added to the total game period. However, this situation is not common. Most NCAA basketball games take about two hours to complete.

It is essential to say that although college games are 8 minutes shorter than NBA games, the average time for real-time games is only a few minutes faster than NBA games.

 The rules for female college basketball are slightly different. Therefore, they get four-quarters of the NBA tradition to have more rest time between games. There are slightly few differences between men’s and women’s college basketball.


How Long Are Basketball Games?

High school 1 and Half Hours
College2 Hours
WNBA2 Hours
FIBA2 Hours
NBA 2 hours to 2 and a Half Hours
How long Basketball Game last

How Long Does a College Basketball game last on TV?

If you intend to watch the game on TV, you should be aware that there would be a pre and post-game show. Which will increase the TV broadcast time. 

If you are interested in watching these shows or hosting a watch party and want your guests to be curious, you need to plan appropriately.

The college basketball game on TV approximately takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes.

This time divide into 40 minutes of real game time; each team has two 30-second timeouts and three full timeouts for 48 minutes.

TV Interviews and Commercials 

As we discuss TV coverage, there is also extra time for TV commercials, with obligatory pre-match and post-match interviews. Therefore, it is common to expect an NCAA game to last for two hours or more when watching on TV.

TV Timeouts

While watching a college basketball game on TV. You have to add the TV timeout period. TV coverage of the National Collegiate Athletic Association or NCAA game allows two TV timeouts. Each TV timeout may take a few minutes. If you allotted 2 minutes for each TV timeout, it would add another 8 minutes to the NCAA game, bringing the total time to 56 minutes.

Overtime Break

If the scores are tied at the end of the game, all basketball levels will use the timeout period. In high school basketball games, this overtime is 4 minutes. In college basketball and the NBA, overtime lasts for five minutes. If the score is still evenly divided at the end of overtime, another overtime period use. This situation continues until a team wins at the end of overtime.

How long is halftime in College Basketball?

College basketball has fifteen-minute halftime; If you are watching college basketball on tv, they generally run commercial ads to promote the community that broadcasts the basketball match. While this goes on through half the commentators discuss the sport more in-depth. The same as high school trainers will talk about strategy alterations, and warm-up to the next half, on the other hand, they had been scoring.


Basketball is a game that attracts the interest of thousands of fans globally, and it’s unbelievable how it’s spread throughout the world. Additionally, since basketball is made of controversial basketball length of games rules; it’s hard to predict exactly how long a match will last.
However, as mention above, this game is a predetermined period based, which spans across two halves includes 20 minutes each for the men’s basketball team, and four 10-minute quarters for the women’s basketball team. Additionally, as endless overtimes can be played until a winner decided, especially tied matches may take a longer playing time.

Now you understand How long is a college basketball game; you can make everything to stay seated on the couch and enjoy each game without trouble. You might also invite your friends and family so that they’d join you to get a couple of snacks while having a college baseball game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did college basketball ever have four quarters?

Yes! Female college basketball players get four 10 minutes quarters.

What is the longest college basketball game ever played?

The longest game in college basketball history lasted for about four hours between
Cincinnati vs Bradley on Dec 21, 1981.


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