Top 10 Wrestlers Who Died in the Ring During a Match

Professional wrestling is not an easy job, although it’s rare for wrestlers who died in the ring. For some of them, they ended before even leaving the ring. Even though it is well known that wrestling is a scripted event.

During a wrestling match, whether for entertainment or not, we cannot deny that many dangerous things happen in the ring, leading to the wrestlers’ death. Holding the neck, jumping rope, and twisting the arm could go wrong. But let’s save the fighting strategy today.

Now, let’s take a look at some incident of formal wrestlers which cost them death in the ring. Here, in this article, I mentioned the top 10 wrestlers who died in the ring amidst many casualties.

Ten Wrestlers Who Died in the Ring

Perro Aguayo, Jr


Perro Aguayo Jr (born on July 23, 1979) was a professional wrestler from Mexico.

On March 20.2015, during a tag team match against Rey Aguayo Jr. and Xtreme Tiger, Aguayo dropkicked to the middle rope by Rey Mysterio, which knocked him unconscious. He announced dead the following day because of cardiac arrest due to three fractured vertebrae.

Owen Hart


Owen Hart was a Canadian professional wrestler (born on May 7 1965) in Calgary Alberta Canada. He born into the legendary Hart wrestling family. Hart always interested in answering the squared circle. He began taking up wrestling in high school and worked for Different promotions across the world.

Owen Hart was in the midst of an incredible run in the WWF. During the 90s, he made a name for himself and he wasn’t just the younger brother of the legendary Bret Hart. Sadly, Hart died in a freak accident at the 1999 over the edge pay-per-view inside the Kemper Arena in Kansas City. Owen Hart was one of the youngest wrestlers who died in the ring during a match.

Gary Albright

Gary Albright (born on May 18, 1963) was a professional wrestler from America.

On January 7, 2000, during a match against Lucifer Grimm, he was hit with a three-quarter facelock bulldog, after which he fell on the ground. He died shortly after removed from the ring because of a heart attack.

Silver King


The wrestler, Cesar González Baron, better known as the Silver King, Born on January 9, 1968. Sliver started fighting at a young age and made his debut in wrestling in 1985, and he started to make a name for himself.

He died in the ring during the match against Juventus Guerrera in London, England, on May 11, 2019. His death shocked the audience and fans because he just fell to the ground without any blow or pull from his opponent. It later discovered that he had a sudden heart attack in the ring, leading to his death.



jesús javier hernández silva (born December 24, 1971), better known as ORO, was a professional wrestler from Mexico.

On October 26, 1993, during a tag team match against Kahoz, Dr.Wagner, Jr., and Jaque Mate, Kahoz clotheslined Ora, and he collapsed, and his pulse became weak; he died before reaching the ambulance because of a brain aneurysm.

Mitsuharu Misawa


Mitsuharu Misawa revered for being one of the best wrestlers in the world during the 1990s. His wrestling skills, timing, and toughness in the ring were the best.

Gaining over 24 five-star matches from the wrestling observer. He became famous in the 1980s for his “tiger mask.” In 1990, when for the first time he reveals his mask, his fame even increased higher.

The ring was a place where Misawa gained incredible fame and respect from his fans. But unfortunately would also be his place to rest.

Misawa teamed up with Gosha Zaki and faced Akitoshi Saito and Bison Smith in a tag team championship match. Everything had been going well until Misawa took what seemed to be a belly-to-back suplex from Sato but failed to move afterward.

The ring was crowded with both wrestlers and paramedics trying to revive Misawa but to no avail. Misawa rushed to the nearby hospital where he died of the injuries later that night. It believed that Misawa suffered a cervical spinal cord injury that caused his death.

Malcolm Kirk


Malcolm Kirk was one of the heaviest wrestlers in WWE history, nickname “King Kong,” a famous British giant and a former rugby player. He weighed around 350 pounds and had been a teammate for many years with Haystack.

On August 23, 1987, Kirk confronted Shirley “Big Daddy” Crabtree. He said that Kirk has three people’s strengths.

The game went smoothly as planned until the Big Daddy ended Kirk’s finishing action: a vast splash made him see Jump on his leaning opponent. Kirk never kicked out from that finisher. The 50-year-old strong man was lying on the ring, but this was not the final move to kill him.

Investigation of the incident found that Kirk died of a pre-existing heart condition. Big Daddy relieved of all responsibilities; even Kirk’s widow said she had no ill will towards her late husband’s last opponent.

Emiko Kado


Emiko Kado (born January 28, 1976) was a professional female wrestler from Japan.

 On March 31, 1999, during a tag team match against Mariko Yoshida and Mikiko Futugami, she got a blow to the head that sprained an acute membrane in her brain. Later on April 9, she died in a hospital due to intracerebral bleeding.

Plum Mariko


Mariko Umeda, known by her ring name Plum Mariko was a professional Japanese female wrestler (From 1986 to 1992) who wrestled for Japanese women’s professional wrestling and then wrestled JWP Josh Proresu from 1992 until she died in 1997.

Mariko debuted at the age of only 18 in 1986, and she was an original member of the Japanese Pro Wrestling promotion and renowned for her shoot-style wrestling. She was the favorite of fans, especially Japanese fans. In her career, she had suffered from multiple brain traumas.

On August 15, 1997, she teamed up with Command Bolshoi and faced Reiko Amano and Mayumi Ozaki at the Hiroshima Sun Plaza. Mariko knocked down by her opponent during this match as Aki had used a signature legal bomb but noticed when she finished it alarmingly, Mariko was snoring.

This may have been a sign that her brain was bleeding. She fell into a coma and never regained consciousness. She rushed to the nearby hospital, where she died in the early hour of the morning.

Mike DiBiase


Long before the days of one is history’s greatest boxers, there was another iron Mike in the world of sport.

He was the adopted father of one of WWS best heals, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. He may not share the same charisma as his adoptive son.

But Mike DiBiase was a successful wrestler. Winning many titles in different territories. DiBiase most prolific match was his bout with the legend Dory funk senior in a Texas deathmatch, and it lasted an unbelievable 1 hour and 44 minutes.

Unfortunately, DiBiase would not go on to see his son success in the wrestling world as his final match took place on the 2nd of July 1969 in Lubbock, Texas. He squared off against man-mountain Mike.

During the match, DiBiase suffered a fatal heart attack, and even though  Harley Race had attempted CPR, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. His son Ted DiBiase had confirmed in an interview that his father had a huge cholesterol buildup. Which in turn, led to the massive heart attack.


I already mentioned that WWE is a scripted event. Before the match start the champions and the match result are fixed. However, the moves of wrestlers are not fake at all.

Each time we hear about a wrestler’s death, we realize how much they have taken the risk to give us entertain.

Did you know anything about those wrestlers who died in the ring? If YES, then let us know in the below comment section and share your thoughts with us.

Have a good day!

FAQ ( frequently asked questions)

Which wrestler died in recently (2020)?

Shad Gaspard former WWE wrestler who died in May 17, 2020 to save his son’s life.
The body of Shad Gaspard found on Venice Beach in Los Angeles after he went missing while swimming with his son.

Who was the youngest wrestler to die?

Owen Hart, the youngest wrestler who died at the age of 34. (May 23,1999)
He did not fall to death on the ring as other former wrestlers. This was an unrestrained performed by WWF.
Where they let him fly into the ring net, which took his life forever.

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